All the TMUCB works are accompanied by controls, examinations and inspections performed by qualified and authorized personnel.

   Examinations and inspection works performed:
    -non distructive tests
      -testing of the welds with penetrating radiations(X and Gamma)
      -ultrasonic testing of the welds and materials
      -penetrating paints testing of the welds and materials
      -magnetic dust testing of the welds
      -sealing test by vacuum box
      -evaluating of chemical structure of metals by stiloscopic test
      -hardners tests for materials and welding

    -distructive tests
      -tensile test
      -notch tests

   The tests are based on written procedures according to the Romanian and international standards (ASME, API, etc.)
   The tests are performed with equipment and installations which comply technically and in quality with the requirements of the applied standards.
   Specially assigned departments keep strict control of their maintenance and calibration.

Membership of AROEND (Romanian Association for Non distructive Tests).
Membership of several boards for national standards issuing.

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