At CNE - Cernavoda capacity 700 MW TMUCB SA performed in quality assurance system the works of:
      - equipment erection
      - metallic structures erection
      - pipelines erection only in CSAN

   At ROMAG Drobeta-Tr. Severin capacity 360 tons heavy water/year per performed the works of:
      - erection of static and dynamic equipment
      - metallic structures erection
      - pipelines erection
      - spherical and cylindrical tanks erection
      - assembly of the trays in columns

   At Magurele on IFA platform - performed the work "Installation of irradiation with multipurposes".

   TMUCB SA - is able to perform the next products and services the units DGPEET ( General power and electric plant ):
      - assembly and rehabilitation of tanks of 4000 m3, 320 bar, -20°C - 600°C
      - fabrication of the tanks components and subassemblies ( roofs, shells, shell rings, manholes, tube plate, bundle of tubes, flange supports )
      - fabrication of metallic tanks under pressure 100 m3, 40 bar, -50°C - 450°C bar
      - assembly and rehabilitation of boilers 1035to/h, 180 bar, 600° C and brication of the components for boilers and CAF (collectors, distributors, economizers and the connection elements with the parameters mentioned above)
      - fabrication, assembly and rehabilitation of the steam piping and hot water under pressure with parameters: 1035to/h, 180 bar, 600° C, 100 Gcal/h, 25 bar, 150°C
      - fabrication, assembly and rehabilitation of metallic technological piping of liquid gas for chemical industry.
      - fabrication and rehabilitation acetylene generator according to PT ISCIR "C28" 0,200 bar
      - metallic structures, metallic tanks for oil storage bunkers, conveyors, chemical treatment stations, slag discharges
      - assembly the coal digger and piling machines
      - rehabilitation


     Heavy water Plant - Tr. Severin
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