Main pipeline transportation:
       oil and oil products

   Main pipelines for sea water of 2200 diameter in Kuwait.
   Main oil pipeline of 500 diameter in Kuwait.
   Main gas pipeline in Romania Cogealac of 1200 and 400 diameter.
   Technological pipelines for refineries, chemical and petrochemical refineries of various materials able to work at temperatures between -1 and 450°C and up to a pressure of 200 atm.
   Polyethylene gas and water distribution nets.
   Welding performed according to Romanian standards (CR 9, SR EN 287) and international (ASME Section IX, API 1104, DIN 8560).
       TMUCB provides:
   Performing of works with qualified personnel in Quality Assurance System (ISO 9001).
   Tests and inspections with qualified and authorized personnel.

   Main pipelines for water supply in Vaslui, Bacau.

   Technological pipelines for different chemical and petrochemical installations.
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